About ClearCi

Founded in 2011, ClearCi is an award-winning software company with a mission to simplify how large organizations use information to stay relevant and more competitive.


Our Vision

To disrupt how business people use competitive information to make timely, informed and more profitable decisions every day across business units and roles. 

Our vision is to change how entire organizations compete in their markets with new technology, digital approaches and proven best practices that have a significant impact on the top and bottom line.


Our Journey

Business people are waking up to an exciting, yet scary, digital era. Everyone is suddenly experiencing less privacy, data overload, and new business approaches that override traditional business principles. Information is creating power and technology is defining how well strategy is executed.

This threatens the credibility of even the most seasoned strategists simply because they struggle to stay competitive in a tech-driven economy. Meanwhile, large organizations are losing their competitive edge to big ideas, venture-backed startups, and new emerging technologies. To stay relevant, they must remain skeptical and informed in order to mobilize and respond quickly. This challenge is exactly what sparked the launch of ClearCi. This movement puts technology front-and-center, creating healthy information flow, strategic foresight and the ability for large organizations to respond to newfound information.



We serve big brands across  many industries around the world, all part of our digital journey to be more competitive in today’s data-driven environment.


Award-winning leadership, published thinkers, and a sure company to watch as mentioned in the media.