Frequently Asked Questions

When was ClearCi founded?

ClearCi was founded in 2011.


What products and services does ClearCi offer?

ClearCi’s product is a competitive intelligence platform that automates the collection of online data and distributes it to users across the enterprise.


What problems does ClearCi solve?

ClearCi helps everyone across the enterprise get the information they need to strategize and make better decisions in their job, despite their business unit or department. Our users are proactive, innovative, and more prepared to solve big problems.


What is ClearCi's pricing model?

ClearCi has a subscription-based pricing model for its competitive intelligence software. There are various tiers of pricing enabling a budget fit for small or medium-sized businesses, as well as enterprise-wide deployments with unlimited usage. Contact us  for more details.  


How does the ClearCi platform work?

Using patented technology, including a sophisticated set of web crawlers and search engines, the platform collects large amounts of data on almost any web page online and monitors other areas of interest for changes. Users can create Topics to monitor, build customized dashboards, and create alerts and email reports for real-time delivery. Multiple users across departments can collaborate and share items of interest, as well as work together to answer key questions. See our Product Tour to learn more. 


Who uses ClearCi?

ClearCi serves over 100 customers, including some Fortune 500 companies, within 10 countries.

Our Customer-base


  • Computer Software / Information Technology & Services
  • Pharmaceuticals / Biotechnology
  • Insurance
  • Telecommunications
  • Banking / Financial Services
  • Gaming and Entertainment
  • Consumer Electronics and Appliances
  • Emerging Industries

User Roles:

  • Competitive / Market Intelligence
  • Marketing Communications
  • Information / Knowledge Management
  • Brand Management 
  • Customer & Market Insights 
  • Product Marketing / Management 
  • Research / Analysis
  • Business Development / Sales
  • Strategic Planning
  • Other: general business analysts, legal, portfolio managers, research agencies, among others. 


How many sources can be monitored within ClearCi’s platform?

An unlimited amount of sources can be monitored within the platform, although we recommend our customers to monitor only what they need to know for the best user experience.


What are the main benefits of using ClearCi's platform?

Using the platform eliminates the need to search for online information manually, which is tedious and wastes time. The platform is customizable, so you control the type of data you’d like to receive, as well as how and when you’d like to receive it. This allows you to feel empowered by data instead of bogged down by it, leading to smarter and confident decisions and strategies.


How is ClearCi different than other data monitoring or competitive intelligence platforms?

ClearCi’s platform is built upon patented software, algorithms, and processes, making it a unique user experience when researching, monitoring, organizing and sharing information. Unlike most other data monitoring and competitive intelligence platforms, ClearCi is made for many types of employees and organizations who want to do online research efficiently and share intelligence across departments and levels easily.


How much does it cost to use ClearCi's platform?

The price for using ClearCi’s platform is entirely dependent on the type of features and number of users required. 


What kind of technology makes up ClearCi's platform?

ClearCi’s platform is developed on the cloud and uses open source components, Microsoft Web Platform technologies, and patented software, processes, and algorithms.  


What languages does ClearCi's platform support?

ClearCi’s platform can collect content in any language. This includes Asian languages and other non-Latin character-based languages. 


What is competitive intelligence?

“Competitive intelligence is the process of legally and ethically gathering and analyzing information about competitors and the industries in which they operate in order to help your organization make better decisions and reach its goals.” ( Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals , 2014)

“Competitive intelligence is a function within large corporations around the globe that serves to track and analyze the competition, provide early warning to management, as well as report to management on both opportunities and threats, both tactical and strategic.” ( Fuld & Company , 2013)


Who uses competitive intelligence?

According to Frost & Sullivan’s 2013 “Market Research and Competitive Intelligence Priorities" survey, competitive intelligence functions directly report to these departments:

  • Marketing: 32 percent
  • Market Research: 20 percent
  • Corporate Strategy/Planning: 16 percent
  • Sales/Business Development: 14 percent
  • Executive Management (CEO/President/General Manager): 10 percent
  • R&D/Innovation Product Development: 6 percent


How widespread is competitive intelligence in the corporate world?

According to Fuld & Company’s 2013 “Competitive Intelligence Global Benchmarking Project Update,” competitive intelligence is steadily gaining influence and resources in organizations across the globe:

  • In Asia and in Europe, companies with intelligence budgets of more than $2 million or more did not exist five years ago but today represent 2-3-percent of all intelligence budgets.
  • In North America, programs that spend more than one-million dollars increased from approximately 5-percent of all corporate intelligence program budgets to nearly 10-percent of all budgets.
  • All regions report an approximately 5-percent increase of their programs that report directly to the chief executive’s office.