Using CI Dashboards Best Practices

"Cut through the clutter and give me the facts."
That's what most C-level executives want. 

ClearCi gives organizations targeted visibility into the entire business landscape. This means we focus on giving our customers perspective, through many angles and mediums. With that said, every dashboard is treated differently to cater to every user differently. 

Relevant information is what creates awareness at every level of the organization; reporting the right facts at that particular moment is crucial. This way users can add value when it’s expected most from the various snapshots taken through our competitive intelligence technology. 


This is a great snapshot of what’s happening in the business. It’s quick and powerful, so everyone is in the loop.”

- CMO at Fortune 200 Company

Best Practices for a CI Dashboard


Make it Role Specific

As a general approach, we develop CI dashboards that keeps you updated with pertinent information you need to know now. This means that if you’re focused on business development in the pharmaceutical space, for instance, you'll probably want to follow key customers to find new sales or business development opportunities. Likewise, if you’re in sales and you feel that your market experiences a volatile promotional climate, you’re going to want to have a snapshot of the markets you’re more concerned about, so you are well informed to sell more. For those who manage brands, focusing on specific brands instead of high-level competitor activity will give you a better snapshot in the beginning of the day.

Competitor Focus

Watching your top-tier competitors individually is extremely important if you’re in a very competitive, fast-moving market. We don’t recommend snooping on more than 20 competitors at a time to maintain a lazer sharp focus on direct competitors. You can have a separate view for indirect competitors to stay informed on below the line competitive activity. Toggling between competitors is also possible, giving you a very good understanding of how competitors are behaving as it relates to your focus area. 

Customer View

A customer view is fantastic if you’re in a long selling cycle and you want to stay relevant during the entire sales process. This is especially useful for professionals in energy, pharmaceutical or those selling manufacturing equipment, for instance. These are industries where innovation and planning can occur over six months or even years in advance. Keeping a close eye on the customer in this case would be critical, so you don’t miss opportunities to build the relationship or offer short-term solutions. If you're in customer or market insight, we can set up dashboards that follow key topics relevant to you by region or as well. 

Industry Perspective

The industry perspective covers many fundamental things including industry news, competitive climate, innovations, customers, as well as regulations and the political landscape, to name a few. Configuring your ClearCi is extremely easy to do, so key aspects of the industry are reporting in a timely fashion.