Elevate Your Sales Intelligence 

Outstanding sales performance is proof that you’re competing well by keeping pipelines full and win rates high. There’s really no better indicator. 

To keep the momentum going, organizations must fuel the market with information about their products/services and tastefully communicate why they’re better than the competition. To do this, organizations must rely more on sales intelligence, so prospects don't slip far into a competitor’s vortex during the buying cycle. 

Sales Intelligence is created in two ways:

  1. Collect information about the market from sales teams
  2. Inform sales teams about newfound competitive intelligence 

Impress prospects with updated intelligence, and increase your chances of closing more deals

There’s nothing more impressive to prospects then when sales reps have done their homework. Knowledge is power and when it comes to sales people, it drives revenue. Top performing sales departments rely on sales intelligence before meeting with a qualified prospect. Every client is different and although strategies can be broad, tactics must be customized and humanized to make a strong differentiated connection.


Learning about prospects’ needs, wants, and concerns upfront, can help improve client acquisition because it builds confidence. ClearCi recommends that more organizations conduct workshops to build confidence through updated selling strategies that are backed with timely sales intelligence. Many organizations spend money on motivating sales teams when in fact, they need more confidence.

For sales organizations focused on growing existing customer relationships, it's important to follow their business to see what's changing and what new problems they may face in the near future. Monitoring their industries, new innovations, or even strategic moves may impact how you sell to them. Sales intelligence solutions can help organizations gather their customer information to save time and effort by organizing all the information collected and making files accessible across the sales department. Competitive intelligence tools can also send automated reminders or news updates that can empower salespeople to sell better while out in the front lines.

Sales intelligence can give sales team a drastic edge over the competition, allowing them to win more business if properly trained. Sales intelligence tools such as battle cards can provide sales reps with real-time alerts about news or trends impacting their prospects or clients.

Monitor these topics:

  • Product knowledge 
  • Pricing or promotions
  • Competitor advantages
  • Customer needs