Social Media Monitoring

The objective of social media monitoring is to obtain high impact and high value customer intelligence with limited effort and resources. This means quickly turning newfound customer attitudes and market trends into new opportunities for growth. Traditional market research uses external public data, customer surveys, and focus groups that become outdated quickly, whereas monitoring social media can actually be the best option for gathering customer intelligence to support growth strategies now.

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Social Media Monitoring

Goal: Real-Time Data; Real-Time Utilization

With over one billion users on  Facebook , 500 million on  Twitter , and 238 million on  LinkedIn , information is flowing at a fast pace most companies can’t keep up. ClearCi helps companies collect customer intelligence quickly enough to take action by providing a platform for social media research.

The idea behind collecting real-time data through social media monitoring is to ensure companies can keep up with customer demands as they're made online. ClearCi gives analysts the ability to collect tweets and comments posted on sites like YouTube, Quora, LinkedIn, and search against these sources easily. Social media is part of ClearCi's hollistic approach to understanding the competitive landscape quickly. 

“The brands that listen in real-time and take advantage of that information [customer intelligence] ... are being successful in social,”
said Gordon Evans,’s Vice President of Product Marketing.

In our experience, social media monitoring tactics shorten the speed of decision-making to such an extent that real-time data is often times more valued than periodically tracking data, generated by traditional market research methods. This is why ClearCi helps users devise a social media moniroting strategy that aligns with their intelligence objectives. 

Uncover Social Patterns  

Professionals conducting market research are constantly looking for social and consumption patterns to analyze customer behavior and trends.

Customer intelligence is valuable information for companies that need insight on what elements of a product and service could be improved. However, monitoring and analyzing this information over time can be difficult due to high volumes of unstructured data. Marketing research tools help collect information automatically and organize it to analyze social patterns that bring in the money.

Reputation Management

The market's perception of products, competitors or even industries is extremely important for companies. For that reason, ClearCi makes it possible for users to get information on customers and the target audience’s view of the brand and company. With the invention of hashtags and e-commerce reviews, ClearCi can provide substantial insight about customer experiences. Sentiment and brand loyalty are some of the areas ClearCi can help to collect without limiting users to a simple database of journals and articles. Filtering down customer intelligence is key in order to provide a superb online research experience. 

What departments have to keep in mind is that branding strategies can come from different departments, so sharing customer intelligence is a must. ClearCi also makes sharing simple across the organization. Consequently, we give researchers the capacity to deliver a more continuous, proactive approach to market research.