How will competitive intelligence software help you stay relevant?

No matter your job function, ClearCi’s software brings together all of the competitive and market information you need to monitor competitors and understand your competitive landscape quickly in today’s digital era.

Our competitive intelligence platform simplifies how you research, monitor, organize and share information,
so everyone is positioned to execute strategy despite change.


If it’s online, we can show you how to get value from it.

Below are just a few online sources ClearCi can automatically monitor,
so you have the right competitive and market intelligence to get the job done.

  • Industry news
  • Competitor websites
  • Consumer reviews sites
  • Patents and SEC Filings
  • State & federal agency sites
  • Financial sites
  • Wikipedia profiles
  • E-Commerce pages
  • Job boards
  • Social media sources
  • Paid, subscription sites
  • Databases and journals
  • RFP databases
  • Online forums
  • Slideshare & other documents online
  • And so many more!

“Customization was very quick and the ClearCi team kept us in the loop every step of the way.
The competitive intelligence platform has already provided real business results
and we are looking forward to expanding our coverage and add more seats.”


Are you sure you're getting complete intelligence?

Learn how other organizations are staying relevant in the digital age.
Now, more than ever, companies are using competitive and market intelligence software to
quickly understand what’s changing in their business landscape.




Automate the tasks slowing you down,
and increase your Speed to Intelligence.

See what others are saying about us

“Works as an automated competitive
intelligence (CI) informant.”
“Transforms competitive intelligence
and makes it more accessible than ever!”
“Built to help companies
compete intelligently.”
“Goes beyond monitoring news
and provides highly specific information.”
“Serves more than 10% of Fortune 1,000
companies, employs 15 people and has doubled its revenues yearly —
all without outside investment.”