Competitive intelligence software
keeps you alert around the clock


It’s possible to have complete competitive intelligence,
so you can beat the competition across business units and roles.




Bouncing from one source to another will not reveal the intelligence you need to win.
Be proactive with new market and competitor research approaches powered by ClearCi.

Data can be chaotic and confusing.
ClearCi can organize busy data and turn it into competitive intelligence.





Almost everything you need to know already exists online and inside your organization.
ClearCi helps you access market and competitive intelligence for better decision making.

More tools don’t equal better insight.
Every source is unique, requiring a different approach.




Very few tools bring together all of the market and competitor information you need to stay informed.
ClearCi brings everything together so you can get clarity.


How to Use New Competitive and Market Intelligence Approaches

Learn how other organizations are staying relevant in the digital age.
Now, more than ever, companies are using competitive intelligence software to
quickly understand what’s changing in their business landscape.


Unsure about what’s driving change?
Perhaps you need to change your mindset.




Embrace new ways of thinking to plan and execute strategy.
Partner with ClearCi and become a trusted source of intelligence.

Leaders depend on you to make strategic decisions,
but it’s difficult to share what you know quickly.




Most decisions makers say they lack the data needed to make confident decisions.
With ClearCi, you can deliver competitive insights before it’s too late.

Unsure about what your competitors will do next?
Get the market and competitor research you need fast!




The competitive landscape is changing faster than ever before.
Monitoring the competition 24/7 will help you execute winning strategies.